RoboCallWall WiFi

  • Robocall Blocker for Landlines/Home/VoIP
  • CallerID Required
  • Wi-Fi required
  • Includes 1-year of RoboCallWall Service ($30 value)
  • Blocks Sales, scam, political and all annoying mass market calls


RoboCallWall-We’ve got their numbers!

Block telemarketers, scammers, and robocallers from landline phones. Automatically.

RoboCallWall is THE BEST call blocker solution for home phones.

RoboCallWall is a compact device that connects between your landline phone and wall socket. It’s easy to use — set it and forget it! You can also remotely login to the web management portal to view calls blocked and received and manually adjust your call lists.

There are over 3 BILLION Robocalls per month. Many of these calls hit homephone/landline phones. This includes phones provided via cable companies.

Due to the huge number of callerID “numbers” used by robocalls, simple call blockers that require you to answer the phone and block individual numbers are far less effective. This device uses cloud based data on millions of numbers to eliminate robocalls. Devices with thousands of built-in numbers or that allow you to manually by a few thousand are not going to work as well.

You can manage the device phone lists on the Web from the home Internet or elsewhere using a password. Using the Web list manager you can block personal numbers, like that crazy relative or any other unwanted numbers.

This is an ideal device for people that are at home frequently and hate robocalls.


  • Home phone service with traditional (normal) phone outlet plugs This include classic service and cable/VoIP solutions compatible with your home phone(s)
  • Caller ID from your phone company/provider
  • Internet service you can connect the device to wirelessly Wireless connections require
  • Your wi-fi wireless access password for wireless SSID at your location
  • A device you can connect via wi-fi to the RoboCallWall to configure wi-fi access
    • A computer with wi-fi
    • A wi-fi tablet
    • A smartphone

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