Call Control Home – Automatically Block Calls! Blocks All Spam Calls, Robocalls, Telemarketers and Unwanted Calls using CallerID. The only Smart Call Blocker for Landline Phones, VOIP, and Home Phones

  • BLOCKS ALL UNWANTED CALLS: Political Calls, Telemarketers, Scammers – you name it, they’re on our list. With Call Control Home linked to your Smartphone, you can ensure the Block List will remain updated with CommunityIQ blocking millions robocalls based upon user-generated insights. *MUST HAVE CALLER ID FOR PRODUCT TO WORK.*
  • EASY SETUP & NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED: Simply connect Call Control Home to your landline telephone, download the app to your smartphone (iPhone & Android) and start blocking right away!
  • THE ONLY AUTOMATED CALL BLOCKER: No need to tap a button to block calls after they come through, Call Control Home automatically blocks them BEFORE they even connect! The only “Smart” Call Blocker for Landlines and Home Phones can automatically block calls and right out of the box. Block telemarketing calls, robocalls, spam calls, and more with no manual work required!
  • BEST IN CLASS & PROVEN RESULTS: Call Control has been blocking robocalls longer than anyone else and is the most trusted name in the industry. Blocking calls and protecting users since 2008. 20,000,000 users worldwide and counting. Over 83,000 positive reviews on Google Play. Patented technology.
  • FREE WARRANTY & GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: Enjoy a Free ’30 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee’, that allows you to return your unit for a full refund within 30 days if you’re unhappy with it at all! Also, we provide a Free ‘1 Year Product Warranty’, that allows you to return your unit if you have any product defects within 1 year of purchase.


Automatic Call Blocking for Landlines: Solved. No more need to program your legacy call blocker or accept pre-programmed lists. Call Control Home is the ONLY solution that syncs with updated lists built from the millions of calls tracked on our Community site AND from government partners like the FTC/FCC – Automatically! CommunityIQ – the smartest automatic call blocking technology available! Scammers and Robocallers are MOVING TARGETS. Stay on top of them with Call Control Home, featuring our CommunityIQ technology, the ONLY automatically updating call blocker solution on the market.

Simply plug Call Control Home into your called ID enabled landline, connect your landline to Call Control Home (copper, VOIP – doesn’t matter!), download the app to your smartphone, and start blocking ALL unwanted calls immediately! Finally a solution without the hassle of programming!

Great for Seniors, Professionals, or any household ready to stop the interruption of RoboCallers, Political Spammers, Scam Callers and Telemarketers. Take back your Dinner Hour!

Every day millions of illegal robocalls target household’s home phones, with seniors and families particularly vulnerable. Call Control Home offers protection from these illegal calls by blocking them before they get to your phone. Call Control works like anti-virus for your computer, by automatically identifying suspected illegal calls and blocking them without a single ring. A purchase of Call Control Home includes a software and CommunityIQ blacklist updates for life.

**Call Control Home requires Caller ID on the line. Your service provider (AT&T, Verizon, BT, Comcast, etc) enables this service.

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Call Blocking for Landlines. Solved.

Call Control Home works with any phone provider leaving you care-free whatever network it may be. It also pairs with your smart phone to download spam protection updates and makes using Call Control a breeze! We’ve made your home phone, smart, with features that let you control every call. Use Call Control at the office too! Our call blocking technology works with any provider so you can block those annoying calls at work too!

Automatically block spam and scams | Quiet hours | Personal block and allow lists | Out of area call blocking | Lots more features

Describe your product in 3 words.

Simple, Dependable, Automated

Where did you get the inspiration for your product?

We all wanted the same thing, to end scam calls once and for all. While we do know that we cannot eliminate them completely, we realized they can be stopped before getting through. We’ve successfully blocked millions of SPAM calls with our Call Control app on the Apple and Google Play store, we knew that we could use this same technology to block calls at home too. With Call Control, you can sit back and relax knowing your home can continue to be your peaceful place.

What differentiates your product from similar products out there?

Call Control has been blocking robocalls longer than anyone else and is the most trusted name in the industry, blocking calls and protecting users since 2008. While other call blocking devices require users to manually type in numbers to block and play a challenge message before every incoming call, Call Control doesn’t subject the user or legitimate incoming callers to additional steps just to make a phone call. Call Control Home uses patented technology (Patent #9,491,286) to block SPAM callers so you can eat dinner in peace!

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

It’s been a long journey for the Call Control team. In 2008, we launched the first version of our Android App, Call Control, in the Google Play store. Since then, we’ve launched an iPhone app, received millions of downloads, and block tens of millions of calls. Our most treasured metric is the amount of time we save our users by blocking pesky callers. We believe this impact helps make the world a better place.


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